Donate a bike

Donate your bike to a good cause – it’s easy, stress free and helps your community

Did you know that a staggering 15 million bikes go to landfill worldwide every year? We at the Cycle Hubs want to change this – donate your unused bikes and parts to us, so we can not only save it from going to waste, but so we can put it into the hands of a new loving owner.

We pride ourselves in our stock of bikes – all of them start as donations from YOU. Of course before putting them up for sale, we rigorously assess, test, strip down and replace parts with only the highest quality ones available – all done by our highly praised Cytech 2 qualified mechanics.

What’s more, all our bikes come with a free 6-week check and a 3-month warranty.

Check whether your Cycle Hub is accepting donations

We do need to be open to accept your generous bike donations, and have the capacity to process and refurbish them. Please do not leave bikes at our sites out of hours.


Not accepting donations, contact Watford Cycle Hub >


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