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Leavesden Cycle Hub
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Stevenage Cycle Hub
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Dacorum Cycle Hub
Sports Pavilion
Cupid Green Playing Fields
Redbourn Road
Hemel Hempstead

07927 726716

Watford Cycle Hub’s Dr Bike

Mobile Cycle Mechanic Van

What is Dr Bike?

We will send our Mobile Cycle Mechanics to your event, community group, school or workplace to conduct bike safety checks with quick and easy minor repairs and adjustments of those bikes that have been ridden or brought in.

Most minor problems can be fixed on the spot, with more major problems being referred to our main Pavilion Workshop at Watford Cycle Hub, King George V Playing Fields, Tolpits Lane, WD18 9QD.

Dr Bike is a great way of encouraging people to travel to work or school by bicycle and promotes bike safety through maintenance.

If you’re within a 3 to 5 miles radius of Watford Cycle Hub we may use our fully equipped Cargo Bike to travel to you!

If you’re further afield or it’s a more major event we will use our fully fitted & equipped Mobile Mechanic Service van.

Who uses Dr Bike?

Dr Bike offers a point of interest & attraction, though a growing number of organisations and employers, conscious of promoting sustainable and active forms of transport and wanting to promote regular cycling use the service as a to reward cyclists or an introduction to our other Fleet & Mobile Mechanic Services.

Dr Bike events are known to tempt new or less frequent cyclists to cycle in for the day just to get their bike serviced and prompt a more permanent modal shift!

How much does Dr Bike cost?

The charge for Dr Bike is £50/hr and we recommend a minimum of two hours on site and can be flexed in line with increasing demand. Additional mechanics are charged at £40/hr.

The cost pays for the mechanic’s time and tools. Any big parts that need to be replaced are purchased in addition to the hourly charge and invariably are borne by the bike owner.

For an organisations wanting to encourage employees to cycle and happy to extend their support we can provide a budget to incorporate minor parts in organisation’s offer.

All our mechanics are fully qualified and insured.

To find out more information or book Watford Cycle Hub’s Dr Bike?

Contact Watford Cycle Hub on 01923-223-994 or email office@watfordcyclehub.org.uk