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Cycle Training


Children’s Cycle Training

For the fledging young cyclist (aged 2 to 4 years), we have a Balance Biking course which will assist children in developing their fine and gross motor skills which are needed for the confidence to use a Balance Bike.  This is a great first step towards learning to ride a pedal bike.

To move your child (aged 4 years +) on from their balance bike or stabilisers and to get them riding confidently with the rest of the family – have a look at our Childrens ‘Learn 2 Ride’ course; spread across four days in the school holidays it has a very high success rate, and they’ll have great fun, too!

Note that our Learn 2 Ride Courses are very popular, so make sure you book early to secure your slot.

Adult Cycle Training

It’s not just children we cater for, and we believe it’s never too late to learn to ride a bike and join your family and friends. We’ve taught people in their seventies to ride, and they’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

We run adult Absolute Beginner courses according to demand or alternatively, you can book a one-to-one lesson with one of our qualified cycling instructors for bespoke training.


Once your child has mastered the basics and can ride a bike, these courses will ensure they build on their new skills and instil some good habits. Designed specifically for children, check out our Fun Skills courses.

As an adult, whether you’re new to cycling or returning to it after a long break we’ll help you build your confidence and competence; check out our Confidence Booster courses which can be run in mixed or women-only groups, depending on requirements and demand.

For those having mastered the basics (starting, stopping and riding in a straight line), we have a Road Skills course which will help you to improve your knowledge, skills and confidence to ride on the roads.  The course will include how to set off, ride and stop safely, share the roads with other road users and negotiate junctions.

Bikeability – today’s “Cycling Proficiency”

Some of us will remember taking a ‘Cycling Proficiency’ course in our younger years and may be keen for their children to embed some good cycling habits before venturing out into busy areas and local roads. Bikeability is the present-day answer to Cycling Proficiency and instils fundamental road-sense, safety and hazard awareness. View our current Bikeability courses.

Bike Maintenance Training

Keen bike fettler or absolute novice? We can show you how to look after your bike, fix a puncture out on the road / trail – right the way through to a complete overhaul of your bike’s drivetrain. Complete our two foundation sessions and then some additional modules of your choosing. Check out our Bike Maintenance Training and book today.

One-to-one cycle training

If one of our regular courses is too far in the future, fully booked or not at a time that you can make – don’t worry – you have another option. One to one (or one to two if you have a friend that also needs to learn) is available on demand. Having the full attention of our instructor, rather than in a group, will allow us to tailor the content and focus of your training around your individual needs.

If you would like to enquire about one to one training, please fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in contact. Alternatively, if you’re ready to book your training slot, please use the button below to book.

Contact us about training courses

You can express an interest in a future course or enquire about one-to-one cycle training by filling out the form below. Please provide your name, email address, which course you are interested in and state any preferred days and times.

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