Bike Maintenance Training

The Cycle Hub offers a series of ‘modules’ from which you can pick and choose to suit your needs.  They are 2½-hour to 3½-hour group training sessions hosted by professional mechanics to guide you through maintaining your own bike from the basics to more challenging levels.

The first two modules: Get You Home and Chains & Bike Care are what we would consider foundation units and are very strongly recommended if you are a complete bike maintenance novice.

We can also offer wheel building modules subject to demand.

Flat bicycle tyre

Get You Home –  £25 (2.5 hours)

So you’re a long way from home with a flat tyre – what do you do? This module will equip you to confidently:

  • Identify the key components of your bike.
  • Take the wheels off your bike.
  • Identify and rectify the cause of the puncture / flat.
  • Replace or repair the inner tube and re-inflate your tyre.
  • Use the equipment  you should carry on a ride.
Bicycle chain

Chains & Bike Care – £25  (2.5 hours)

Basic chain care, cleaning and maintenance will prolong the life of your bike’s drive-train, take this module in order to:

  • Check your chain for wear and tear, clean and lubricate your chain and drive-train.
  • Learn how to remove, repair and replace your chain.
  • Care for your bike; the lubrication and cleaning do’s and don’ts.
Broken bicycle brake

Brakes  – £30 (3 hours)

Arguably the most important part of your bike from a safety perspective; learn how to look after your brakes so that they’ll look after you – every time! In this module, which concentrates on rim brakes, you will learn:

  • To identify the different types of brakes and how they work.
  • To assess and replace brake parts and friction materials.
  • Correct cabling techniques.
  • To set up your brakes correctly and make adjustments.
  • The basics of cable operated disc brakes.
Bicycle rear gears

Gears – £30 (3 hours)

A mystery to many an experienced cyclist, what does it take to get the gears just right? Some knowledge of the various parts and how to fit and adjust them goes a long way. In this module you’ll:

  • Learn about the different types of front and rear dérailleur (a d’ what!?).
  • Understand gear cabling  – types, routing and tension.
  • Front and rear dérailleur fitting and adjustment.
Bicycle headset

Headsets and Handlebars – £30 (3 hours)

The often overlooked but nonetheless important component on your bike, I mean, steering is important, isn’t it?! In this module you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the different types of headset.
  • Servicing the headset bearings and components.
  • Optimally set up the headset and steering componentry.
Bicycle bottom bracket in a bike

Bottom Bracket – £30 (3 hours)

The foundation of your drive-train, you’ll want to make sure it’s kept in top condition. In this module you will learn about:

  • The types of bottom bracket and the associated components.
  • Crank removal and re-installation.
  • Removal of the Bottom Bracket and assessment (threaded shell).
  • Refitting or replacing the Bottom Bracket.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of Press-fit systems.
Partially dismantled and rusty wheel hub

Wheel Hub Bearings  – £30 (3 hours)

Want to maintain or restore that silky smooth ride of a new bike? You’ll need to regularly check and service your wheel hub bearings. In this module we’ll show you how to:

  • Diagnose roughness and play in wheel bearings.
  • Remove and service wheel bearings.
  • Adjust wheel bearings (cup and cone style) .