Get involved as a volunteer

How Can You Help?

Watford Cycle Hub at this relatively early stage in its life, without external funding, depends heavily on support from volunteers. These committed individuals help with all manner of things from running bike maintenance courses, stripping down and rebuilding up donated bikes through to ‘front-of-house’ duties, cleaning and making coffee, all of which are equality important, but we could always do with more. Can you help?

As well as general volunteers we therefore have some specific needs for help. Fund Raising, Marketing, Recruiting and Coordinating Volunteers are amongst our highest priorities as the existing team has a limited amount of time, experience and expertise in these areas.

There are many fund and grant opportunities that Watford Cycle Hub could approach however, the limited resources and skill in bid writing prevents many of these being actively pursued.
Similarly, other community based projects are often supported by fund-raising activities and events and despite our need, we’re currently short of time and resources to seriously consider this financing option.

Equally our ability to develop Marketing campaigns which create an increased awareness of the Watford Cycle Hub (particularly given its’ out of the way location) is limited by our resources, both financial and the time to do everything given our small core team .

If you or any or your friends have an interest in local cycling, an expertise in Fund Raising and Marketing, experience in Recruiting and Coordinating Volunteers and have some spare time to contribute we would love to hear from you. Please contact Kate Jenkins, email