Thank you to our volunteers and organisations

Without the hard work, dedication, spirit and willingness to learn of our volunteers at the Watford Cycle Hub, we would surely cease to exist. They have been a vital link in the chain (excuse the pun) in making sure we deliver the best services we can for the community.

Firstly, we would like to thank the following organisations and people for their vital support. Without them, we would’ve never got off the ground:

Watford Borough Council logo

Three Rivers District Council

  • Pauline Robey of Cycling UK
  • Lee Niven of Otech
  • Steve Tarn of Spokes South West Herts
  • Steve Ball of Sustrans
  • Kay Tang
  • Caroline Roach of Watford Borough Council
  • Steven Howlett
  • John Wright

A special thanks go to these wonderful people who have supported us at British Cycling:

  • Matt Cork
  • Graham ‘Mac’ MacNamee (Rest In Peace)
  • Jess Cox
  • Peter Cox
  • Katherine Ruffley
  • Josie Heffeman
  • Nick Bury

Our sincerest thanks go to the following at Hertfordshire County Council:

  • Nick Turan

A huge thanks go to our volunteer ride leaders:

  • Dennis Fitton
  • Terrance Ritchie
  • Georgia Sear
  • Chris Chalet

We have also had some amazing volunteer event organisers who we are grateful for:

  • Sarah Smith
  • Effie Simmons
  • Steve Bury
  • Theresa Hughes

Here’s to our volunteers, who are vital to what we do:

  • Chris Chalet
  • Stuart Brown
  • Peter James
  • Steve Howlett

We’ve had helpful hands along the way who have had a positive impact on our Cycle Hubs:

  • Dave Bachelor
  • Stuart Hunt at The Active Dacorum Hub APEX 360
  • Dave Baldwin

And finally, a thank you to a few of our contributors:

  • Lisa Bowman
  • Sandra Hancock
  • Phil Bowman
  • Maggie Rolfe
  • John Hancock
  • Ben Maguire