Our Anniversary Celebrations

Thank you to all the wonderful friends, partners and supporters who joined us last weekend for our 10th Anniversary celebrations. You can see how much fun we had- see if you can spot yourself or your friends.

The Spring 'Commit to Ride' Challenge

Now you’re back on the bike – don’t forget to join in with our Spring ‘Commit to Ride’ Challenge.

For three months, from March, we’re asking people to commit to riding a steady amount each month. Be it 50 miles, 25 miles or 10 miles, all you have to do is either ride with your family and friends or join a group ride organised by the Cycle Hub, SPOKES or a local group.

The challenge will set you up nicely to join the SPOKES gathering at the end of National Bike Week in early June in Watford.

Best of all – we’re aiming to see how far all the extra miles pedalled would take us from Watford…

How to Take Part

All you have to do is pick a distance that you are willing to commit to and get

And if you’ve logged all your miles, you’ll be eligible for a discounted entry to the Tour De Ricky rides on 3rd June.

You can log your miles using our dedicated Strava clubs – just set up a free subscription and sign in to the club that is relevant for you.

Strava logo linking to all Watford Cycle Hub Groups on Strava

By joining one of the Strava Clubs we’ll see how many miles we’ve done together and be able to encourage each other. Choose your distance below and get pedalling!

– 10 miles a month
– 25 miles a month
– 50 miles a month